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Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless ( HHH Charity )

This awesome charity has many functions and facets to it but the main and most important function of HHH Charity is in the title, Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless.


"We are helping to REDUCE the



Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless Inc., also known as HHH Charity, is a very worthy charity conceived in 2000 by Mr. Ronnie Mac, "COACH", and the Hair Art NETWORK. COACH then partnered with the Shops & Salons NETWORK which consists of over 15,500 Barber Shops and Beauty Salon members worldwide to work the HHH Charity Program. Then finally COACH MAC founded the Mobile Salon NETWORK (MOBALON) to build the vehicles that will facilitate the Barbers and Beauticians going out to perform the services for HHH Charity. MOBALON takes shuttle buses and converts them into Mobile Barbershops and Mobile Beauty Salons. 

Mr. Hair Art HHH KISS MobileSalon 2.jpg

HHH work is starting in Dallas, Texas, and will be expanding exponentially to a worldwide reach in record time. Because "HAIR is EVERYWHERE", Mr. Ronnie Mac has seen the need for HHH nationwide and indeed worldwide. So, COACH MAC and his Team are working diligently to install and provide this much-needed HHH Charity service and program to any and everyone who needs it any and everywhere.

Please Donate to HHH Charity and the Mobile Salon NETWORK to HELP...

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"When you Donate to Help,
Our Mobile Salons will do the rest!"

You can also give to the HHH Charity through this Salon FundRaiser!

By giving to this campaign you will be helping us build Mobile Salon Buses for HHH and helping those less fortunate than others. The Salon FundRaiser website is partnering with HHH to raise $1,000,000 and build an entire line of Mobile Salon Buses. Please click on the link on the side to go to the Salon FundRaiser website and give to this campaign. You may also see a couple of other Barber & Beauty Industry campaigns you may want to support. THANK YOU!

Fill in this Form to Donate to HHH Charity
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